Meet Reddme, the mobile Reddit client you never knew you needed — until now.


So, what can Reddme do? A lot.

The Basics

Read, create, edit, and delete posts, manage subreddit subscriptions, view multireddits, and more. It's a desktop-quality experience for your phone.

Pin Your Favorites

Reddme allows you to add your favorite subreddits to the sidebar for easy access. Plus, iCloud can sync your pins across your devices. Awesome, right?

Night Mode

Need to do some late-night browsing of r/nosleep? We have you covered. Night Mode offers a great dusk-style contrast for low-light reading.

Multiple Accounts

If you have multiple Reddit accounts, you can add all of them to Reddme and switch between them as needed with just a few simple taps.

Dynamic Type

Not a fan of the default font size? No problem. Easily resize text across the app to your liking using our built-in resizer and post preview settings.

Read It Later

Don't have time to read something right now? Bookmark it with Instapaper, Pocket, Reading List, or by using our own Saved Links feature.

Other Tidbits

Reddme has a lot of great features, and the ones mentioned above are the flagship features that we believe are not only essential to our Reddit client, but rather features that should be essential to every client.

But we didn't stop at just the essentials. We jammed in a few more awesome ones, too.

  • Hide posts you no longer wish to see in your feed.
  • Seamless, easy sharing through email, Twitter, Facebook, and more.
  • A Built-in webpage mobilizer for better off-site reading.
  • Filter and mute keywords.

Why build yet another Reddit client?

We love Reddit and we love the iPhone, but we didn't really love any existing Reddit apps for iPhone — so we built our own. Reddit has yet to pay much attention to mobile (but they are supposedly now working on their own iOS client), and Alien Blue has served as the best solution for most users because it delivers a solid experience that competitors really have yet to match.

Reddme wasn't built because we want to kill Alien Blue (or any other Reddit client for that matter). Reddme was built because we wanted to use an app that looks great, packs a ton of features for casual browsers and power users, and is available in its entirety for one flat price. The result is the first Reddme experience we've all loved on an iPhone, and that's just version 1.0. We're working on improving it and always kicking around new ideas for Reddme, and we think we'll not only be the best Reddit client on day one, but also the best Reddit client three or six months from now.

We're incredibly proud of what we've built, and we think you're going to love Reddme for iPhone as much as we do.


Here's a small taste of what the Reddme UI is like. (Spoiler alert: it's stunning.)

We're Just Getting Started

Here's a sneak preview of what's to come.

Universal Support

Reddme brings an incredible Reddit experience to the iPhone -- but we're not stopping there. Our team already has a few great ideas on how to make Reddme for iPad the best tablet Reddit experience, and we've even kicked around a few ideas we have for an OS X Reddme client. We want to create the best Reddit experience on as many devices for as many users as we possibly can, and we'll be working hard over the next few months to bring Reddme to other devices.

Design & New Features

We've raised the bar for what a Reddit client should be, and we'll continue to raise that bar as we continue to build Reddme. In addition to some great design and feature concepts we're already working on implementing in future updates, we'll constantly be listening to the Reddme community and always strive to find the right way to implement the needs and wants of our users and improve anything that we think we can (and should) do better.

Better Comments

It's a fair argument that comments are the heart and soul of Reddit, and we wanted to make sure comments were done right in Reddme. Our existing comments system is easily one of (if not the) best in any Reddit client, but we still think there's a ton of room for improvement. Expect us to experiment a lot with comments in Reddme and find a new solution that'll blow everyone else out of the water.

You've seen what Reddme can do — now it's time to experience it for yourself. Reddme for iPhone is available for just $0.99 on the App Store!